Sep. 14th, 2009

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So here, finally, is the transcript of the get-together that happened on Sunday September 6, 2009 between the Squeers who went to Dragon Con and AJ. I apologize for keeping you all waiting so long, but I was way behind on work, and collecting the memories of several different people turned out to be a bit time consuming. :)

A few caveats:
This was not recorded in any way, but merely represents the collective memory of the nine of us who were there: [ profile] prophetkristy, [ profile] blue_crow, [ profile] rap541, [ profile] puszysty, [ profile] batsojopo, [ profile] nicole_anell[ profile] fuschia, [ profile] blaaksable, [ profile] millari, and [ profile] grinninfoole. So even quotations are possibly not exactly verbatim, but the few quotes I included were things I truly believed were extremely close to verbatim and didn't misrepresent at all the nature of what he said. That being said, I am only human and still could be wrong. :P

Also, this account of meeting AJ is in no real order. It’s more of a stream-of-consciousness rendition of what we all said to each other. It probably doesn't follow the real flow of the conversation everywhere, but is more a listing of things that were said.

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