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It's been so long since I've posted something here, that when I logged back in tonight, I was confronted by the confusion of the top four posts in my friends list being spam from a hijacker using my brother's account that he abandoned years ago and I never unfriended. Seemed somehow appropriate for the first post since the election.

I don't really know what to say about these turn of events. November 9 was spent kind of zombielike, a mostly wasted day, where I kept avoiding news because I didn't want to hear Donald or Hilary, because then I'd have to face that this really happened.

But I will say this:

Rudy Giuliani, you vacuous, glad-handing, opportunist, this is not about me being a sore loser or a spoiled crybaby. This is about the horror at us ushering in a president who has zero respect for others, who promotes the sorts of xenophobic, racist, and dehumanizing attitudes that insult leaders around the world, could start conflicts, and will likely initiate the beginning of the end of the United States as a dominant world power, whose benefits you take so for granted, you think that the US can survive a joke for a president for four years and not take an irrevocable hit to its credibility.

This is about unleashing a culture war front and center where the footsoldiers have been given implicit permission to be as violent, aggressive, and bullying to the most vulnerable in our society as Trump modeled at his rallies, in his speeches, and at debates. He treated our former Secretary of State and a candidate for president with a level of crass indignity that was stupefyingly unprecedented in recent political history. I and my friends are now more likely to become targets for intimidation, bullying, and outright violence, thanks to his campaign win. Congratulations, Donald Trump. We haven't seen an American presidential candidate willing to stoop so low and go so dark since the late 1800s.

So STFU, Rudy Giulani, and try to imagine living in Trump's America without your millions and your abundance of white, male privilege and then see what a "crybaby" you become.

I fear we have put a bunch of clowns in charge of the country at a time when we are on the precipice of a rapidly changing geopoltical world stage that we are still struggling to understand, are on the cusp of the dramatic effects of worldwide climate change, and are circling the drain of an oncoming worldwide economic crisis that we can't pretend forever is okay because we have an abundance of crappy low-paying jobs that work everyone to death and discourage people even in traditionally fiscally conservative nations to keep fewer and fewer or even no savings.

Nationally, if Trump lives up to his campaign promises, he will basically trap people in jobs they hate because they're afraid of losing a health insurance that will be free to not take people with existing conditions and to stop insuring you after you hit a certain dollar amount over your lifetime so that in your most expensive years, you will be abandoned by your insurance company.  By his choosing of a Supreme Court justice, Trump could indirectly repeal Roe v Wade and Obergefell v Hodges, and possibly give even more power to corporations over our society. Your friends, relatives, coworkers, classmates could be forced to leave the country abruptly even though they have contributed immensely to this country, paid taxes, and have been the greatest ambassadors for our country's way of life.

If you were opposed to Hilary because you thought she might be flawed, two-faced, or even corrupt, I actually get where that comes from. I was never her biggest fan, especially when I was going by nothing but my gut feeling about having seen her. On camera, she has a tendency to come across as stiff and arrogant. She's been a bit of a hawk at times, and she may or may not have made money she shouldn't have through the Clinton Foundation. But if you look at her political and social record, the actual undeniable facts of her record, she has always been fighting for the powerless in our society, she has worked on many plans to make our everyday lives better - easier access to education, to health care, to equal pay. Stack that against a man who has never fought for any cause that didn't benefit himself directly and who we know for a fact plundered his own foundation, in a clearly illegal way, and who boasts of not having paid taxes for over a decade, who is constantly under audit and involved in lawsuits for not paying people he's hired or for dealing with his workers illegally.

All things considered, I'd take the imperfect vessel anyday who actually has goddamn experience talking to world leaders and negotiating with them.Why would I want the guy whose plan is to tax the wealthy even less than they are outrageously not taxed now? The gap in finances that Trump's strategy will present to the country's budget a financial burden that is either going to be shouldered by the middle and working class through taxation, or else by social insitutions and safety nets the middle class use the most: social security, education, and unemployment. And this is just a taster of what Trump might do.

Everytime I hear "President Trump" or try to say it, it just sounds unbelievably ridiculous. So go back to your tower, Donald. In my mind, "you're fired."  
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So I shouldn't be posting before work, but....

Great fics this year so far in the [ profile] bsg_remix! I have recs!

First, you should totally check out the fun and clever fic I got this year:
This is a remix of my fic Impulse Control, which was a cracky, porny BSG/Iron Man crossover ficlet for a long ago porn battle that I never expected anyone to ever look at again. The banter in this remix of it just utterly sparks to and it's a joy to read. The premise is that the Colonials found our modern-Earth in the Marvel universe, and Felix Gaeta has been assigned the job of Galactica liason to Tony Stark. And well, let's just say that initially, Felix is a little sick of dealing with manipulative, egotistical genius scientists, and he's got a thing or two to say about it  (that is before they're eventually going to give in to the hot sex in my fic). Short, smart and very funny, while also a dead-on, slightly meta critique of the Tony Stark character.

Other great fics I've read so far:

Smoke and Mirrors
A beautiful and heartbreaking Boomer/Tyrol fic, tracking their relationship from the Mini through New Caprica, taking the premise that they had a brief affair on NC that ended disastrously. I won't spoil it, but there's a moment where Chief does something stupid because of an assumption about Boomer on NC, and it utterly killed me, it was so achy. Get the tissues out for this one, folks. Also, nice observations about the Cylons on NC here, especially the relationship between Gaius and Caprica made this fic an absolute winner for me.

How Sam Stopped Worrying and Learned to Love the Cylon
This is a great meditation on Sam's Cylonicity and how the Cylon in him was perhaps there all along. Sam's loneliness and quest to understand himself in this is utterly palpable.

Existence is Circular
This one is haunting, and not for the very faint of heart, check the warnings. But Gina is never a happy subject, is she? This fic takes a disturbing look at what if Gina had survived and been implanted with Caprica Six's memories and made to forget her own, in an attempt to keep her sane? Then put her on New Caprica in charge of torturing prisoners, and you've got a whole lot of ouch on all sides. This fic shows you both her perspective and the anonymous prisoners' perspectives and it's just an intense, good read.

I never thought that I would become a fan of BDSM prison fic, (yeah, check the warnings) but the worldbuilding about the society inside the Astral Queen that you get to see in this fic is just amazing, utterly believable. I could have read a whole novel set in this world set up by the author. But also, the examination of Meier's character - a minor Tom Zarek flunky from second season - is just gripping. In this fic, he's both a manipulative son of a bitch, and a needy follower who yet somehow you end up rooting for. :)  And also there's a love story hiding here in all the posturing both Maier and Zarek do, and it's sweet and achy to watch these two men refuse to admit how much they mean to each other emotionally.

And there are many others I'm looking forward to settling down with, so I probably will have a second recs post soon. Go read!
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Okay, so one minor thing that's awesome about being in a country that's not the United States? 

I'm sitting in a hotel room in Mexico channel surfing and happen upon a documentary about the Dadaist Marcel Duchamp. The awesome part? It was originally made in French, because that's the dominant audio track. Yet, there are parts where they interviewed Americans and you can hear them speaking English underneath the dominant track.  

So what did the educational channel here in Mexico think about all these layers upon layers of language going on when they decided to show this programme? 

"Who cares?" that's what.

They did not worry about their audience being freaked out by yet another language being slapped onto this documentary. They just threw on some Spanish subtitles over the whole damn thing, implicitly saying, "We trust you to be intelligent enough to figure this out. Enjoy." 

I like the respect of that. 

Obvs., I have arrived in Mexico City. Am blind with exhaustion, but have not collapsed yet. Am about to take a shower (first in oh, 36 hours) and this may take care of that. 

I still can't believe I managed to find a Quinceanera card in SPANISH in the CVS in Easthampton for my step-niece. I think I'm more proud of that achievement than of the presents I bought her, which were also not the easiest coup - YA books in Spanish, including The Hunger Games, which her mom swears she's never read or even talked about. I hope this doesn't mean that she's dead set against them or something. 
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So I've decided that my friends list has gotten sort of out of control big, with some people who I don't ever communicate with anymore and don't communicate with me, plus communities that are defunct or that I don't read.

So I'm doing an flist purge, my first ever. And while I'm most likely keeping on anyone I've communicated with in the last few months, if you're at all concerned, drop me a line here.

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It's been a lovely two weeks of vacation. Too lovely, perhaps. I go back to work Tuesday, and I so don't want to. 

But I've been very lucky, so I suppose I shouldn't complain. In the last two weeks, I got to go to Mexico for a week to visit my dad and my stepmom. A few years ago, they built a house in San Miguel de Allende and I'd not been to see it yet. My dad usually comes home for Christmas, and he decided not to this year, so he suggested that I and my brother come down to visit for the holiday. He sweetened the deal by offering to pay for whatever part of the ticket we couldn't afford as a Christmas present. Turned out to be the best decision ever to say yes. I had such a relaxing time and it was warm (in the 70s during the day, in the 50s at night). The town of San Miguel is like a Renaissance city, all cobblestones and cathedrals and haciendas dating back to the 1500s, the legacy of Spanish conquest, of course, but still, pretty breathtaking to look at. It's definitely a tourist city for Mexicans. Every weekend, it gets a huge influx of especially young Mexicans, from places like Guadalajara and Mexico City, who travel in to bar hop, see bands and walk around the Plaza Jardín in the center. There's also a significant American ex-pat population here, artists, artisans, musicians, and people just wanting to be surrounded by all that. 

In terms of socializing, it was a great time. Got to see lots of my dad and stepmom, who were really generous and gracious to us, and I got to spend a couple of days with my stepmom's daughter, her husband and their kids, who I hadn't seen since they were pre-pubescents. Now they're teenage girls, 15 and 16, and they act so much older and at the same time younger than I was expecting. Girls that age in the States seem to me like they'd be so jaded and mature before their years. It's not like they weren't obviously teens, hooked to their MP3 players and talking about celebrities and all that. But they were also very respectful to their parents and made efforts to socialize with me and my brother, even though we were obviously the adult "tios". (It totally blew my mind to realize that technically speaking, they are my nieces - I have nieces! Hadn't thought about it until this trip.)

I also got to see old family friends closer to my age, some of whom my brother and I had grown up with for a while, but hadn't seen since all our families moved apart from each other. And there were some whom I had never met at all. Basically, it was kismet that all of us happened to be in San Miguel at the same time, so they invited my brother and I out for drinks to catch up, and it was such a blast that all regrouped at one of their houses the day after Christmas for a "recalentada" - a traditional party you have the day after a big party like Christmas or a Quinceañera party (think a girl's "Sweet Sixteen" party, but done at age 15.), where the leftovers are reheated and you party a second time. For Christmas, everyone brings leftovers from their own Christmas Eve party and so it's like a potluck.I met more folks from the family satellite, and to my surprise, of the younger set (mind you, we're all like 30-40), literally 50 percent of us were gay, so I got to ask what's it like to be gay in Mexico? Does the macho culture make it scary, etc? I said I wanted to bring my girlfriend, but I was a little worried.

I had to screw up my courage to ask, because it was me coming out to all these people as gay for the first time when they hadn't heard even an inkling of it, (also, my dad and all his friends were at this party, did I mention that??) but having people there openly talking about their partners and there being even one couple there made it less of a thing, and it was cool. I got the scoop on the gay zone in Mexico City, and the attitudes towards gayness (it sounds like there's a weird combination of tolerance and stereotyping going on that's generally harmless, if clueless). But the main point this guy was telling me was that he felt totally safe, and it's been even cooler since Mexico City legalized gay marriage. One of the guys, Mauricio, told me I should totally bring [ profile] trovia and even offered to show us around Mexico City (where he lives) if we came to Mexico. I felt so accepted and relaxed after that, because I felt like a part of my life that I was consciously avoiding talking about  was out in the open. 

I also wrote for Yuletide this year, and GUYS, I managed for my first Yuletide ever to finish almost a WEEK in advance! Seriously, you don't know how awesome that is. Every other year, I've been literally posting at like two minutes to midnight, completely stressing out. But I was determined to get my story done by the time I left for Mexico because I didn't know if I would have reliable internet access with my netbook over there. (And thank god I did, because my dad's assurance that he had internet did not apply to a wireless network...) I was so pleased and it gave me hope that maybe I'll keep doing Yuletide, because this year, I also learned to absolutely limit myself to fandoms that I knew for sure I could actually write. I know, it sounds obvious, but every Yuletide, I'd always end up caving for my last signup offer because I had run out of reasonable fandoms, and so I'd pick something that I was vaguely familiar with, that I'd seen or read years ago, and be like, "Well ... I guess I could write that if I absolutely had to. But I'll probably never get assigned that." And then of course, inevitably I would. Also, I think it paid off that I know more fandoms this year, thanks to a lot of watching of older t.v. shows I got introduced to this year. 

Also exciting for Yuletide, was my story!!! I got a Black Books story, which was loads of fun. The Bernard voice was PERFECT. And Fran and Manny were hilarious as well, just in the way they are on the show. It totally made me want to read more BB fic and rewatch the show. 

As many of you know, [ profile] grinninfoole and I have been in the slow process of disentangling our lives, living . Holidays are of course some of the collateral changes. He didn't come with me to Mexico for Christmas (actually, we didn't spend last Christmas together either, since I was in Germany with [ profile] trovia  For New Year's Eve, all bets were off as well, and so he has elected to go to a special board games event at his store and I am going out with a lesbian meetup group to Diva's, the local gay club, for their New Year's Event. I'm terribly nervous about it, because it's the first time I'll be meeting these folks, and I've never been to Diva's except for goth night, and I still harbor these secret fears that I'll be rejected somehow, which I know logically is ridiculous, and I'm sure it'll be loads of fun (the two women who are meeting with me beforehand for dinner are already talking about how much fun we'll have playing pool and dancing), but STILL, yikes! New social group! I'm still a shy nerd at heart sometimes. D:

But I'm going. I'm going in a few minutes, actually. Wish me luck!


P.S. Oh, and [ profile] daybreak777, I haven't forgotten, I've just been busy entertaining [ profile] usakeh, who has been visiting this weekend, so there hasn't really been a good time for a chat. But I'm going to try and connect with you tomorrow. :)
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First of all, MERRY CHRISTMAS (if you celebrate).

Secondly, just wanted to let you know that I am in Mexico having a grand time with my family. I will be traveling back on the 26th, arriving late at night, so in other words, I very well may not get to read your fic until the 27th or even the 28th. But I'm looking forward to it very much, and I really appreciate you writing it. I know I'm going to love it. Thank you mystery writer!
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Just over 200 comments, guys! WOW.

Thanks for making the BSG SECRET HOBBIES CHALLENGE a success beyond our wildest expectations. You guys gave the Colonials some of the most surprising and hilarious hobbies we never expected them to have - ballet dancer, fanfic writer, rock musician, paintballer, knitter, and even extremely freelance editor... ;)

We had a great time reading all the fascinating and creative drabbles, and were pleased to make the acquaintance of LJ'ers we had never heard of before. We had ten writers and twenty-four drabbles. Some of you of you contributed two or more drabbles! Two people wrote BSG fic for the very first time ever for this challenge! We're very honored.

Here's a roundup of what people wrote:

[ profile] trovia and [ profile] millari:
Tigh, Baltar

[ profile] millari:

[ profile] trovia:
Hot Dog
Racetrack, Skulls

[ profile] acsgrlie:

[ profile] geekbynight:
Boomer, Mathias
Tamara Adama
Gaeta, Sweet!Eight

[ profile] choc_n_roses:
Male Cylon (warning: character suicide)

[ profile] puszysty:

[ profile] lls_mutant:
Narcho, Showboat, Hoshi

[ profile] ohcopernicus:

[ profile] lorrainemarker:
Gaeta and Hoshi

[ profile] nvgvup:

Thanks again for making it an extremely fun and successful challenge, everyone!

Your mods,
[ profile] millari and [ profile] trovia
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Ever been convinced that in his spare time, Admiral Adama tends orchids? That when Starbuck wasn't painting the nebula on her apartment wall, she spent her time fly fishing? That Lee has a secret history as a break dancer?

Then you need to participate in [ profile] millari and [ profile] trovia's



From bungee jumping to stamp collecting to needlework, everybody's got a hobby so why not your most beloved BSG 'verse characters too? Write us a 100-word drabble or make some art and reveal their secret hobbies to the world. These revelations can be surprising, funny, even poignant. There are no rules.

Well, actually, there are rules. But they're few and they're simple:

  1. Drabbles should be 100 words or less

  2. We have no problem with porn, if you can make it work, but it should be clear that kinks don't count as hobbies.

  3. Art can be original or photoshopped art, or even creative photos involving action figures.

  4. Crossovers are allowed if you can somehow get a crossover and a hobby across in 100 words. We say, go for it!

  5. The Caprica 'verse is considered part of the BSG 'verse. You don't need to mention the BSG characters at all if you're using Caprica characters.

  6. Post your contribution in a comment to this post. One comment for each contribution.

  7. Put the main character and – if necessary – warnings in the subject line of the comment.

  8. Crosspost as much as you like!

  9. This challenge is open through January 6, 2011

If you're confused now, here are some examples )
This challenge was inspired by the Geheime Hobbys Challenge 2008 by Die Rumtreiberinnen in the German Harry Potter and X-Men fandom.
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Hi Folks,

This is really an offer for people on my flist who are within driving distance of me, because it has a mirror and glass shelves, I'm not sure it would ship well.

I am offering to anyone who wants it, totally free, an IKEA medicine cabinet made by Siljan.
Siljan Front View Good

It has never been used. We bought it from IKEA over a year ago, finally got around to putting it together recently, and discovered that it was actually just slightly too wide to fit in the bathroom. :( So our loss is your gain. If you're within driving distance and you want it, it's yours. You just need to screw it up onto your bathroom wall. I'll even drive it to you when we next get together if you need. I just would like it to go to somewhere useful instead of it getting thrown out.

Here are the specs on it. You may need to click on the link that says, "specifications".
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So in the off chance that anyone on my friends list hasn't heard about this yet, I wanted to take a moment to pimp the fic exchange I've gone and involved myself in this year. :)

Why yes, thank you for asking. It's the Bsg Fic Exchange! Please do go sign up if you want to write and have written awesome bsg fic about anyone, anywhere.

Somewhere out there, there is a person who wants to read that awesome fic you've been dying to write but thought no one else wanted to read.

Somewhere out there, there's a person who is totally up for writing that fic you thought you'd never see. Hell, I'll write it if it comes down to it. ;)

So you have no excuse. However, you do have only until May 1 to sign up.


So what are you still doing here? Go sign up! Shoo!
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OMG, Big Bang is killing me. I had to ask my beta for another week.

That is all.
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So here, finally, is the transcript of the get-together that happened on Sunday September 6, 2009 between the Squeers who went to Dragon Con and AJ. I apologize for keeping you all waiting so long, but I was way behind on work, and collecting the memories of several different people turned out to be a bit time consuming. :)

A few caveats:
This was not recorded in any way, but merely represents the collective memory of the nine of us who were there: [ profile] prophetkristy, [ profile] blue_crow, [ profile] rap541, [ profile] puszysty, [ profile] batsojopo, [ profile] nicole_anell[ profile] fuschia, [ profile] blaaksable, [ profile] millari, and [ profile] grinninfoole. So even quotations are possibly not exactly verbatim, but the few quotes I included were things I truly believed were extremely close to verbatim and didn't misrepresent at all the nature of what he said. That being said, I am only human and still could be wrong. :P

Also, this account of meeting AJ is in no real order. It’s more of a stream-of-consciousness rendition of what we all said to each other. It probably doesn't follow the real flow of the conversation everywhere, but is more a listing of things that were said.

Read more )
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More to come! Must sleep!

PreCon stuff )

Terry Gilliam stuff )

AJ Fangirly stuff )

The BSG panels I saw (all but two, I think) were really, really great. I'm sure they're probably already on YouTube, but I'll give you my highlights anyway. My highlights will be pretty heavy on the AJ fare, FYI:

Panel Stuff )

Besides all that panel stuff, there were awesome up close and personal encounters at the Con that were totally memorable. More on that next post, as I must go to sleep. Also trying to finish up writeup of our dinner with AJ. Sorry it’s taking a long time, but I pinky swear to be done today!
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So [ profile] daybreak777 has told me this is what is called WIP Amnesty. I don't know I'd really call it that, because these drabbly bits don't really feel to me like they were ever truly going to be works, and they just mostly sat on my hard drive after a burst of energy, never really "in progress." But I've been feeling ill, in bed, and I'm a little bored and restless and blergh. So I've decided to do something I almost never do - post a few drabbles of things I doubt I'll ever do anything more with. They are random, unbeta'd, written a long time ago, maybe slightly OOC, and in some cases, pretty much trail off in the middle. With all those caveats, I hereby present:

The drabbles:

Season 4.0 Felix/Sharon/Helo. R. 467 words. On the Demetrius. Felix finds out his navigating skills were not the only reason Helo asked Adama to assign him to Starbuck's mission.
Sharon was walking towards him with a smile on her lips that Felix was already pre-disposed to find intoxicating. )

Pre-Mini Gaius Baltar/OFC. NC-17. 643 words. Teen!Gaius losing his virginity on Aerelon.
No one could accuse him of doing things halfway, Gaius figured. )

Season 1 Baltar/Gaeta/Starbuck. PG-13. 818 words. The beginnings of a strip Triad PWP that never happened.
“But really, Gaeta, which one of us are you hoping to see naked?”  )

Pre-Mini Felix Gaeta, OMC, OFC. G. 875 words. A Felix childhood drabble:
“His head isn’t in the clouds, Jerome; it’s in a book.” )
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But it certainly looks annoying on the surface.  News on the BSG Entire Series Box Set release from After Elton.
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Hey Folks,

Got any more trivia questions for me? (with answers, please). The friend greatly appreciated the last batch and would welcome some more to help pass the time in the hospital.

I'm looking for trivia about the following fandoms:

Dollhouse (except the last three eps)
The West Wing
Death Note or Full Metal Alchemist (go easy on her, it's been a while)
Law and Order, SVU
Doctor Who/Torchwood
BSG (Season 1-3 only)
Heroes (Season 1-2)

It's like a meme, but isn't! Thanks for any help you can provide. :)

Oh, and for no apparent reason, verging on GIP-hood, meet my new favorite icon, courtesy of [ profile] iconsbycurtana 

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I'm trying to entertain a friend stuck in the hospital. I want to help her pass the time with some trivia questions. Can you help me out?

I need trivia questions (with answers please, I'm not that good) from:

Doctor Who (Nine and Ten only)
Torchwood (all seasons)
House (any season but the current one)
Law and Order SVU (particularly questions about Olivia)

Thanks for any assistance you can provide. :)
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I am slightly grumpy.

It's a Monday, I am sitting in bed with an icepack on my throbbing leg, watching my hopes of not getting into work at a stupid hour kind of fading, and it's a beautiful day out, but I won't get to enjoy it.

Yes, yes, woe is me. I know. So I am going to try and post here for a minute and focus on some things that are making me happy instead:

  • My brother-in-law recently got a kitten, who is absolutely adorable. We went to visit him and my parents-in-law yesterday out in the Boston area. You know, for Easter Sunday. The kitten rides on one's shoulder, is curious about everything, and has few preconceived notions, other than a total fearlessness about the world and an optimism that every stranger out there is just a friend he hasn't made yet.

  • I finished a new fic last night, for the first time in a quite a long time. I had given up hope that it would ever get finished, because it was kind of dark and it was difficult to write the characterizations, and I realized that I was actually a little afraid of writing a scene I knew wanted to happen but wasn't sure I could pull off. But it is done, thanks to a lot of handholding and insights from [ profile] daybreak777
  • , who is going to beta it for me today. It's a response to the long-passed "Little Black Dress Challenge" on [ profile] gaeta_squee. I'm glad to have finally "kicked it out of the nest" as [ profile] daybreak777 is fond of saying.
  • On a slightly-related note, I have joined the comm, [ profile] ficfinishing, with the goal of finishing a Hoshi fic that is close to done but is giving me trouble. So far, I am pleased with its results. One of the writing exercises the comm suggested is part of what helped me finish the fic I mentioned above. It seems like a very organized comm so far, and I am optimistic that it's going to help me bang out some of the fics I've had waiting around for a long time. At the rate these fics are going, I've been starting to think that I might never finish them before the interest in the BSG fandom dies out! [ profile] danniisupernova, you may be happy to know that while I had to start with a smaller fic to be in accordance with the comm's rules, "From a Balance Beam" is going to be the fic I tackle in Round 13.
  • I have been reading my good friend [ profile] falafel_musings's story, Secrets and Whispers. This is the link to part 1, but you could read pretty much at any point and it would work as a standalone. If you like Baltar/Gaeta, it's a wonderful ride through their entire arc. It's full of everything a B/G shipper wants - humor, heartbreak, angst. Warning: You'll be spoiled if you haven't seen through "Blood on the Scales" and no matter what, you better bring your tissues.
  • I have started to work on the garden in my backyard. The lily/daffodils bed is mulched and happily bearing beautiful yellow and white flowers I can see from my bed through the deck window, so this makes me very happy. The vegetable plots still need a lot of work, but I've gotten one ready for planting spinach and lettuce, so that pleases me. Unfortunately, the leg pain is kind of interfering with that, but I'm determined to not let that get to me this week, as much as I can. I am trying to believe in the power of icepacks, ibuprofen and my chiropractor. Maybe a little accupuncture too, if I can get all the way over to Amherst.
    • I am going to DragonCon this year! [ profile] grinninfoole and I talked about it in the car on the way home from Easter dinner and he has committed to taking time off that week in order to be able to make the trip. My job sometime today is to reserve DC passes and see if I can still reserve a hotel room in one of the ridiculously expensive host hotels, in the hopes that we can share the room with some friends if our friend in Atlanta can't put us up instead. Is there anyone who's interested in possibly sharing the cost of an insanely expensive hotel suite among possibly up to four or five people?

    Ok, off to do something productive! Feeling slightly less grumpy!
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    I wrote a BSG review for this week's ep. Spoilers under the cut, obvs.

    The Courage of Your Convictions )
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