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Just over 200 comments, guys! WOW.

Thanks for making the BSG SECRET HOBBIES CHALLENGE a success beyond our wildest expectations. You guys gave the Colonials some of the most surprising and hilarious hobbies we never expected them to have - ballet dancer, fanfic writer, rock musician, paintballer, knitter, and even extremely freelance editor... ;)

We had a great time reading all the fascinating and creative drabbles, and were pleased to make the acquaintance of LJ'ers we had never heard of before. We had ten writers and twenty-four drabbles. Some of you of you contributed two or more drabbles! Two people wrote BSG fic for the very first time ever for this challenge! We're very honored.

Here's a roundup of what people wrote:

[ profile] trovia and [ profile] millari:
Tigh, Baltar

[ profile] millari:

[ profile] trovia:
Hot Dog
Racetrack, Skulls

[ profile] acsgrlie:

[ profile] geekbynight:
Boomer, Mathias
Tamara Adama
Gaeta, Sweet!Eight

[ profile] choc_n_roses:
Male Cylon (warning: character suicide)

[ profile] puszysty:

[ profile] lls_mutant:
Narcho, Showboat, Hoshi

[ profile] ohcopernicus:

[ profile] lorrainemarker:
Gaeta and Hoshi

[ profile] nvgvup:

Thanks again for making it an extremely fun and successful challenge, everyone!

Your mods,
[ profile] millari and [ profile] trovia
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Ever been convinced that in his spare time, Admiral Adama tends orchids? That when Starbuck wasn't painting the nebula on her apartment wall, she spent her time fly fishing? That Lee has a secret history as a break dancer?

Then you need to participate in [ profile] millari and [ profile] trovia's



From bungee jumping to stamp collecting to needlework, everybody's got a hobby so why not your most beloved BSG 'verse characters too? Write us a 100-word drabble or make some art and reveal their secret hobbies to the world. These revelations can be surprising, funny, even poignant. There are no rules.

Well, actually, there are rules. But they're few and they're simple:

  1. Drabbles should be 100 words or less

  2. We have no problem with porn, if you can make it work, but it should be clear that kinks don't count as hobbies.

  3. Art can be original or photoshopped art, or even creative photos involving action figures.

  4. Crossovers are allowed if you can somehow get a crossover and a hobby across in 100 words. We say, go for it!

  5. The Caprica 'verse is considered part of the BSG 'verse. You don't need to mention the BSG characters at all if you're using Caprica characters.

  6. Post your contribution in a comment to this post. One comment for each contribution.

  7. Put the main character and – if necessary – warnings in the subject line of the comment.

  8. Crosspost as much as you like!

  9. This challenge is open through January 6, 2011

If you're confused now, here are some examples )
This challenge was inspired by the Geheime Hobbys Challenge 2008 by Die Rumtreiberinnen in the German Harry Potter and X-Men fandom.
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So in the off chance that anyone on my friends list hasn't heard about this yet, I wanted to take a moment to pimp the fic exchange I've gone and involved myself in this year. :)

Why yes, thank you for asking. It's the Bsg Fic Exchange! Please do go sign up if you want to write and have written awesome bsg fic about anyone, anywhere.

Somewhere out there, there is a person who wants to read that awesome fic you've been dying to write but thought no one else wanted to read.

Somewhere out there, there's a person who is totally up for writing that fic you thought you'd never see. Hell, I'll write it if it comes down to it. ;)

So you have no excuse. However, you do have only until May 1 to sign up.


So what are you still doing here? Go sign up! Shoo!
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More to come! Must sleep!

PreCon stuff )

Terry Gilliam stuff )

AJ Fangirly stuff )

The BSG panels I saw (all but two, I think) were really, really great. I'm sure they're probably already on YouTube, but I'll give you my highlights anyway. My highlights will be pretty heavy on the AJ fare, FYI:

Panel Stuff )

Besides all that panel stuff, there were awesome up close and personal encounters at the Con that were totally memorable. More on that next post, as I must go to sleep. Also trying to finish up writeup of our dinner with AJ. Sorry it’s taking a long time, but I pinky swear to be done today!
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So [ profile] daybreak777 has told me this is what is called WIP Amnesty. I don't know I'd really call it that, because these drabbly bits don't really feel to me like they were ever truly going to be works, and they just mostly sat on my hard drive after a burst of energy, never really "in progress." But I've been feeling ill, in bed, and I'm a little bored and restless and blergh. So I've decided to do something I almost never do - post a few drabbles of things I doubt I'll ever do anything more with. They are random, unbeta'd, written a long time ago, maybe slightly OOC, and in some cases, pretty much trail off in the middle. With all those caveats, I hereby present:

The drabbles:

Season 4.0 Felix/Sharon/Helo. R. 467 words. On the Demetrius. Felix finds out his navigating skills were not the only reason Helo asked Adama to assign him to Starbuck's mission.
Sharon was walking towards him with a smile on her lips that Felix was already pre-disposed to find intoxicating. )

Pre-Mini Gaius Baltar/OFC. NC-17. 643 words. Teen!Gaius losing his virginity on Aerelon.
No one could accuse him of doing things halfway, Gaius figured. )

Season 1 Baltar/Gaeta/Starbuck. PG-13. 818 words. The beginnings of a strip Triad PWP that never happened.
“But really, Gaeta, which one of us are you hoping to see naked?”  )

Pre-Mini Felix Gaeta, OMC, OFC. G. 875 words. A Felix childhood drabble:
“His head isn’t in the clouds, Jerome; it’s in a book.” )
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Hey Folks,

Got any more trivia questions for me? (with answers, please). The friend greatly appreciated the last batch and would welcome some more to help pass the time in the hospital.

I'm looking for trivia about the following fandoms:

Dollhouse (except the last three eps)
The West Wing
Death Note or Full Metal Alchemist (go easy on her, it's been a while)
Law and Order, SVU
Doctor Who/Torchwood
BSG (Season 1-3 only)
Heroes (Season 1-2)

It's like a meme, but isn't! Thanks for any help you can provide. :)

Oh, and for no apparent reason, verging on GIP-hood, meet my new favorite icon, courtesy of [ profile] iconsbycurtana 

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Here you go, for anyone who's interested.
Read more )

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So I participated in Yuletide this year. Like last year, it was very stressful, and yet I felt like it stretched me to write in a fandom with which I didn't feel totally intimate. And at the end, my reward was an awesome story to read that someone slaved over for me!

Which I'm now reccing, because I think it's awfully good, especially if you have a thing about robots finding out what it means to be sentient, to be an individual. I totally loved this fic, which was written for the Wall.E fandom. It's a fic from EVE's point of view, and I'm just totally in love with it, and I think there are folks on my flist who would really like it.([ profile] nicole_anell I'm so looking at you.)

You should go read it. And comment, of course. Right now. In fact, what are you still doing here? Go! Shoo!

Feel free to come back and tell me what you thought of it too.

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So it turns out that there are people in various non-English speaking countries who found my transcript of Webisode 1 useful for helping them understand the dialogue. Who knew my compulsion would have a useful outlet? So for those folks, here's the transcript for Webisode 3. Two can be found here at [ profile] wyrdwritere's journal. I will be posting transcripts for the remaining webisodes, hopefully closer to the day they are broadcast (had some RL interferences this week).

Anyway, here is, very late, Webisode 3:

Read more )

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So a couple of folks on [ profile] gaeta_squee  and my flist were bummed they couldn't see the BSG webisodes that started today because they live in Canada or Europe, and my brain kind of went crazy and so now you have this: 

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So I had to post this real quick because I found it mildly hilarious:

For the past couple of days, there has been one of those big honkin' digital signs sitting at the entrance to downtown Noho saying something like, "Delays, Limited Parking - 6 am to 1 pm daily" with some dates. I haven't paid it much mind because I just assumed they were doing inconvenient road work downtown and what are you going to do? I mean, I was a little surprised that they weren't doing night work, like usual, but I didn't think about it more than that.

Turns out Mel Gibson is filming a movie here. I found this out after my students were griping that they hadn't gotten a glimpse of the man yet. :)

Turns out I have been holed up inside my office the whole time the movie's filming, so whatever. But this morning, I got up at the crack of dawn to go swimming at the Smith College pool and so when I was picking her up around 7:30, we had to drive through downtown (I'd avoided downtown thus far, completely unwittingly), we realized we were driving right through the filming. How did we know?

No, I didn't see Mel Gibson. Don't really care to either. I saw something much more entertaining in my book.

So we're driving downtown and well, Noho is one of those college towns that's got a lot of pedestrian culture and people like to generally hang out downtown - street musicians and the like. But as we're driving, something seems a little off. We realize that there's a LOT of people just hanging out downtown for 7:30 am. Well, that makes sense, there's a movie filming - gawkers and all. But then: 

[ profile] sundart : Wait. Look how evenly those people are spaced.
[ profile] millari : Huh? You think they might be people connected to the movie.
[ profile] sundart : And look. Look at the assortment of people. 

I realize that there are indeed a multitude of people standing in some really unnaturally spaced way. One guy is in a business suit with a briefcase, like a lawyer, then there's a suburban mom type a few feet away, then a teenager a few feet away.

[ profile] millari : Yeah, they do look kind of weird.
[ profile] sundart : Dude, these are so fake pedestrians. You know how you can tell? None of them are moving.

And indeed, half of downtown Northampton right now has been transformed into a modern-day Potemkin village, waiting for Catherine the Great  Mel Gibson to come by and notice them for the cameras. Even more hilariously, down the road on the corner of Main and King Streets, there are a whole bunch of fake protesters holding up signs against the Iraq War (I'm suspecting the first one because some of the protesters are dressed in full hazmat suits, with ventilator masks and everything). Others are dressed like cartoon characters or something. One guy is dressed in camos with a banjo. They all hold preciously differing protest signs. They are all technicolor wonderful.


Meme time!

Aug. 4th, 2008 01:56 pm
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So I have like, RL things to post about too, and I haven't posted in quite a while, so I'm overdue, but I'm about to run off to a chiropractor appointment, so that'll have to be later. In the meantime, you get a goofy post. Ready? 1, 2, 
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I a vidding kindergartener. Question:

What if you saw a vid and totally fell in love with the song it's using and had never heard it before and you want to use it for another vid on a different subject but in the same fandom.

Is that totally frowned upon?
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BSG Episode Review inside:
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Cut for people who could care less....

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All in all, I enjoyed this episode, although it did also feel like a whole lot of setup for stuff to come in the next two weeks. But first, we’ll start with some niggling plot holes I found kind of frustrating, behind the cut:

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Ok, you knew it was coming:

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