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So I shouldn't be posting before work, but....

Great fics this year so far in the [ profile] bsg_remix! I have recs!

First, you should totally check out the fun and clever fic I got this year:
This is a remix of my fic Impulse Control, which was a cracky, porny BSG/Iron Man crossover ficlet for a long ago porn battle that I never expected anyone to ever look at again. The banter in this remix of it just utterly sparks to and it's a joy to read. The premise is that the Colonials found our modern-Earth in the Marvel universe, and Felix Gaeta has been assigned the job of Galactica liason to Tony Stark. And well, let's just say that initially, Felix is a little sick of dealing with manipulative, egotistical genius scientists, and he's got a thing or two to say about it  (that is before they're eventually going to give in to the hot sex in my fic). Short, smart and very funny, while also a dead-on, slightly meta critique of the Tony Stark character.

Other great fics I've read so far:

Smoke and Mirrors
A beautiful and heartbreaking Boomer/Tyrol fic, tracking their relationship from the Mini through New Caprica, taking the premise that they had a brief affair on NC that ended disastrously. I won't spoil it, but there's a moment where Chief does something stupid because of an assumption about Boomer on NC, and it utterly killed me, it was so achy. Get the tissues out for this one, folks. Also, nice observations about the Cylons on NC here, especially the relationship between Gaius and Caprica made this fic an absolute winner for me.

How Sam Stopped Worrying and Learned to Love the Cylon
This is a great meditation on Sam's Cylonicity and how the Cylon in him was perhaps there all along. Sam's loneliness and quest to understand himself in this is utterly palpable.

Existence is Circular
This one is haunting, and not for the very faint of heart, check the warnings. But Gina is never a happy subject, is she? This fic takes a disturbing look at what if Gina had survived and been implanted with Caprica Six's memories and made to forget her own, in an attempt to keep her sane? Then put her on New Caprica in charge of torturing prisoners, and you've got a whole lot of ouch on all sides. This fic shows you both her perspective and the anonymous prisoners' perspectives and it's just an intense, good read.

I never thought that I would become a fan of BDSM prison fic, (yeah, check the warnings) but the worldbuilding about the society inside the Astral Queen that you get to see in this fic is just amazing, utterly believable. I could have read a whole novel set in this world set up by the author. But also, the examination of Meier's character - a minor Tom Zarek flunky from second season - is just gripping. In this fic, he's both a manipulative son of a bitch, and a needy follower who yet somehow you end up rooting for. :)  And also there's a love story hiding here in all the posturing both Maier and Zarek do, and it's sweet and achy to watch these two men refuse to admit how much they mean to each other emotionally.

And there are many others I'm looking forward to settling down with, so I probably will have a second recs post soon. Go read!
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More to come! Must sleep!

PreCon stuff )

Terry Gilliam stuff )

AJ Fangirly stuff )

The BSG panels I saw (all but two, I think) were really, really great. I'm sure they're probably already on YouTube, but I'll give you my highlights anyway. My highlights will be pretty heavy on the AJ fare, FYI:

Panel Stuff )

Besides all that panel stuff, there were awesome up close and personal encounters at the Con that were totally memorable. More on that next post, as I must go to sleep. Also trying to finish up writeup of our dinner with AJ. Sorry it’s taking a long time, but I pinky swear to be done today!
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So [ profile] daybreak777 has told me this is what is called WIP Amnesty. I don't know I'd really call it that, because these drabbly bits don't really feel to me like they were ever truly going to be works, and they just mostly sat on my hard drive after a burst of energy, never really "in progress." But I've been feeling ill, in bed, and I'm a little bored and restless and blergh. So I've decided to do something I almost never do - post a few drabbles of things I doubt I'll ever do anything more with. They are random, unbeta'd, written a long time ago, maybe slightly OOC, and in some cases, pretty much trail off in the middle. With all those caveats, I hereby present:

The drabbles:

Season 4.0 Felix/Sharon/Helo. R. 467 words. On the Demetrius. Felix finds out his navigating skills were not the only reason Helo asked Adama to assign him to Starbuck's mission.
Sharon was walking towards him with a smile on her lips that Felix was already pre-disposed to find intoxicating. )

Pre-Mini Gaius Baltar/OFC. NC-17. 643 words. Teen!Gaius losing his virginity on Aerelon.
No one could accuse him of doing things halfway, Gaius figured. )

Season 1 Baltar/Gaeta/Starbuck. PG-13. 818 words. The beginnings of a strip Triad PWP that never happened.
“But really, Gaeta, which one of us are you hoping to see naked?”  )

Pre-Mini Felix Gaeta, OMC, OFC. G. 875 words. A Felix childhood drabble:
“His head isn’t in the clouds, Jerome; it’s in a book.” )
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Here you go, for anyone who's interested.
Read more )

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So it turns out that there are people in various non-English speaking countries who found my transcript of Webisode 1 useful for helping them understand the dialogue. Who knew my compulsion would have a useful outlet? So for those folks, here's the transcript for Webisode 3. Two can be found here at [ profile] wyrdwritere's journal. I will be posting transcripts for the remaining webisodes, hopefully closer to the day they are broadcast (had some RL interferences this week).

Anyway, here is, very late, Webisode 3:

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So a couple of folks on [ profile] gaeta_squee  and my flist were bummed they couldn't see the BSG webisodes that started today because they live in Canada or Europe, and my brain kind of went crazy and so now you have this: 

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BSG Episode Review inside:
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Cut for people who could care less....

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All in all, I enjoyed this episode, although it did also feel like a whole lot of setup for stuff to come in the next two weeks. But first, we’ll start with some niggling plot holes I found kind of frustrating, behind the cut:

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Ok, you knew it was coming:


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