Nov. 11th, 2016

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It's been so long since I've posted something here, that when I logged back in tonight, I was confronted by the confusion of the top four posts in my friends list being spam from a hijacker using my brother's account that he abandoned years ago and I never unfriended. Seemed somehow appropriate for the first post since the election.

I don't really know what to say about these turn of events. November 9 was spent kind of zombielike, a mostly wasted day, where I kept avoiding news because I didn't want to hear Donald or Hilary, because then I'd have to face that this really happened.

But I will say this:

Rudy Giuliani, you vacuous, glad-handing, opportunist, this is not about me being a sore loser or a spoiled crybaby. This is about the horror at us ushering in a president who has zero respect for others, who promotes the sorts of xenophobic, racist, and dehumanizing attitudes that insult leaders around the world, could start conflicts, and will likely initiate the beginning of the end of the United States as a dominant world power, whose benefits you take so for granted, you think that the US can survive a joke for a president for four years and not take an irrevocable hit to its credibility.

This is about unleashing a culture war front and center where the footsoldiers have been given implicit permission to be as violent, aggressive, and bullying to the most vulnerable in our society as Trump modeled at his rallies, in his speeches, and at debates. He treated our former Secretary of State and a candidate for president with a level of crass indignity that was stupefyingly unprecedented in recent political history. I and my friends are now more likely to become targets for intimidation, bullying, and outright violence, thanks to his campaign win. Congratulations, Donald Trump. We haven't seen an American presidential candidate willing to stoop so low and go so dark since the late 1800s.

So STFU, Rudy Giulani, and try to imagine living in Trump's America without your millions and your abundance of white, male privilege and then see what a "crybaby" you become.

I fear we have put a bunch of clowns in charge of the country at a time when we are on the precipice of a rapidly changing geopoltical world stage that we are still struggling to understand, are on the cusp of the dramatic effects of worldwide climate change, and are circling the drain of an oncoming worldwide economic crisis that we can't pretend forever is okay because we have an abundance of crappy low-paying jobs that work everyone to death and discourage people even in traditionally fiscally conservative nations to keep fewer and fewer or even no savings.

Nationally, if Trump lives up to his campaign promises, he will basically trap people in jobs they hate because they're afraid of losing a health insurance that will be free to not take people with existing conditions and to stop insuring you after you hit a certain dollar amount over your lifetime so that in your most expensive years, you will be abandoned by your insurance company.  By his choosing of a Supreme Court justice, Trump could indirectly repeal Roe v Wade and Obergefell v Hodges, and possibly give even more power to corporations over our society. Your friends, relatives, coworkers, classmates could be forced to leave the country abruptly even though they have contributed immensely to this country, paid taxes, and have been the greatest ambassadors for our country's way of life.

If you were opposed to Hilary because you thought she might be flawed, two-faced, or even corrupt, I actually get where that comes from. I was never her biggest fan, especially when I was going by nothing but my gut feeling about having seen her. On camera, she has a tendency to come across as stiff and arrogant. She's been a bit of a hawk at times, and she may or may not have made money she shouldn't have through the Clinton Foundation. But if you look at her political and social record, the actual undeniable facts of her record, she has always been fighting for the powerless in our society, she has worked on many plans to make our everyday lives better - easier access to education, to health care, to equal pay. Stack that against a man who has never fought for any cause that didn't benefit himself directly and who we know for a fact plundered his own foundation, in a clearly illegal way, and who boasts of not having paid taxes for over a decade, who is constantly under audit and involved in lawsuits for not paying people he's hired or for dealing with his workers illegally.

All things considered, I'd take the imperfect vessel anyday who actually has goddamn experience talking to world leaders and negotiating with them.Why would I want the guy whose plan is to tax the wealthy even less than they are outrageously not taxed now? The gap in finances that Trump's strategy will present to the country's budget a financial burden that is either going to be shouldered by the middle and working class through taxation, or else by social insitutions and safety nets the middle class use the most: social security, education, and unemployment. And this is just a taster of what Trump might do.

Everytime I hear "President Trump" or try to say it, it just sounds unbelievably ridiculous. So go back to your tower, Donald. In my mind, "you're fired."  


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