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Ever been convinced that in his spare time, Admiral Adama tends orchids? That when Starbuck wasn't painting the nebula on her apartment wall, she spent her time fly fishing? That Lee has a secret history as a break dancer?

Then you need to participate in [ profile] millari and [ profile] trovia's



From bungee jumping to stamp collecting to needlework, everybody's got a hobby so why not your most beloved BSG 'verse characters too? Write us a 100-word drabble or make some art and reveal their secret hobbies to the world. These revelations can be surprising, funny, even poignant. There are no rules.

Well, actually, there are rules. But they're few and they're simple:

  1. Drabbles should be 100 words or less

  2. We have no problem with porn, if you can make it work, but it should be clear that kinks don't count as hobbies.

  3. Art can be original or photoshopped art, or even creative photos involving action figures.

  4. Crossovers are allowed if you can somehow get a crossover and a hobby across in 100 words. We say, go for it!

  5. The Caprica 'verse is considered part of the BSG 'verse. You don't need to mention the BSG characters at all if you're using Caprica characters.

  6. Post your contribution in a comment to this post. One comment for each contribution.

  7. Put the main character and – if necessary – warnings in the subject line of the comment.

  8. Crosspost as much as you like!

  9. This challenge is open through January 6, 2011

If you're confused now, here are some examples:

Tigh, no warnings

The tiny scissors flew across the quarters and into the wall, with a satisfying air of violence.

Saul turned back to the bare, misshapen lump of miniature leaves, branches and dirt before him. What the hell? He'd taken out a Centurion with his bare hands once.

He should be able to trim a damn bonsai plant.

“Are you using a lawnmower on that thing or what?” Bill quipped as he walked in.

“Yeah, I don't give a frak what Cottle says about this being relaxing,” Saul growled. “I'm going back to the ambrosia.”

by [ profile] millari


Baltar, no warnings

After New Caprica, Felix found the sketchbook amongst Baltar's notes. He just stared at it for a moment, hot fury boiling up.

On the opened page, one very enraged, very tiny Tigh was chasing a manically laughing Starbuck through the CIC. Air Rage, the caricature's caption said.

“Ah, you know,” Baltar had said, unusually bashful, when Felix had first found it. “You start doodling in first semester. Two doctorates later... well.”

He'd thought it was so cute.

Before he could help it, Felix grabbed the sketchbook and hurtled it into a corner.

Nothing about it had ever been cute.

by [ profile] trovia

This challenge was inspired by the Geheime Hobbys Challenge 2008 by Die Rumtreiberinnen in the German Harry Potter and X-Men fandom.
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