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I am slightly grumpy.

It's a Monday, I am sitting in bed with an icepack on my throbbing leg, watching my hopes of not getting into work at a stupid hour kind of fading, and it's a beautiful day out, but I won't get to enjoy it.

Yes, yes, woe is me. I know. So I am going to try and post here for a minute and focus on some things that are making me happy instead:

  • My brother-in-law recently got a kitten, who is absolutely adorable. We went to visit him and my parents-in-law yesterday out in the Boston area. You know, for Easter Sunday. The kitten rides on one's shoulder, is curious about everything, and has few preconceived notions, other than a total fearlessness about the world and an optimism that every stranger out there is just a friend he hasn't made yet.

  • I finished a new fic last night, for the first time in a quite a long time. I had given up hope that it would ever get finished, because it was kind of dark and it was difficult to write the characterizations, and I realized that I was actually a little afraid of writing a scene I knew wanted to happen but wasn't sure I could pull off. But it is done, thanks to a lot of handholding and insights from [ profile] daybreak777
  • , who is going to beta it for me today. It's a response to the long-passed "Little Black Dress Challenge" on [ profile] gaeta_squee. I'm glad to have finally "kicked it out of the nest" as [ profile] daybreak777 is fond of saying.
  • On a slightly-related note, I have joined the comm, [ profile] ficfinishing, with the goal of finishing a Hoshi fic that is close to done but is giving me trouble. So far, I am pleased with its results. One of the writing exercises the comm suggested is part of what helped me finish the fic I mentioned above. It seems like a very organized comm so far, and I am optimistic that it's going to help me bang out some of the fics I've had waiting around for a long time. At the rate these fics are going, I've been starting to think that I might never finish them before the interest in the BSG fandom dies out! [ profile] danniisupernova, you may be happy to know that while I had to start with a smaller fic to be in accordance with the comm's rules, "From a Balance Beam" is going to be the fic I tackle in Round 13.
  • I have been reading my good friend [ profile] falafel_musings's story, Secrets and Whispers. This is the link to part 1, but you could read pretty much at any point and it would work as a standalone. If you like Baltar/Gaeta, it's a wonderful ride through their entire arc. It's full of everything a B/G shipper wants - humor, heartbreak, angst. Warning: You'll be spoiled if you haven't seen through "Blood on the Scales" and no matter what, you better bring your tissues.
  • I have started to work on the garden in my backyard. The lily/daffodils bed is mulched and happily bearing beautiful yellow and white flowers I can see from my bed through the deck window, so this makes me very happy. The vegetable plots still need a lot of work, but I've gotten one ready for planting spinach and lettuce, so that pleases me. Unfortunately, the leg pain is kind of interfering with that, but I'm determined to not let that get to me this week, as much as I can. I am trying to believe in the power of icepacks, ibuprofen and my chiropractor. Maybe a little accupuncture too, if I can get all the way over to Amherst.
    • I am going to DragonCon this year! [ profile] grinninfoole and I talked about it in the car on the way home from Easter dinner and he has committed to taking time off that week in order to be able to make the trip. My job sometime today is to reserve DC passes and see if I can still reserve a hotel room in one of the ridiculously expensive host hotels, in the hopes that we can share the room with some friends if our friend in Atlanta can't put us up instead. Is there anyone who's interested in possibly sharing the cost of an insanely expensive hotel suite among possibly up to four or five people?

    Ok, off to do something productive! Feeling slightly less grumpy!
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